Building monitoring thanks to incentives

For the first time, thanks to the 110% Earthquake Bonus (Sismabonus) introduced in the Budget Decree, it has become possible to include continuous structural monitoring systems for earthquake purposes within Sismabonus projects. This has represented a great opportunity that has led to the spread of our solution mainly in areas with a high seismic risk.

This measure has initiated a process of awareness about the importance and necessity of equipping structures with tools for continuous structural monitoring to enhance the safety of individuals and assets.

To ensure the proper functioning of the Quakebots solution and meet the requirements of the Sismabonus, it was necessary to create an architecture that could guarantee uninterrupted and functional operation. The solution consists of a variable number of seismic sensors based on the geometry, size of the structure, and characteristics of the construction materials.

It is possible to obtain different levels of information based on the sensor configuration. We start with a solution that allows us to know the intensity of seismic action at the base of the structure in the event of an earthquake. To perform dynamic characterization analysis of the structure, it is necessary to apply the sensors to the external walls of the structure, under the thermal insulation, and connect them to one or more central units that perform on-site analysis before sending the processed data to the Quake Cloud platform.


Here, the data is analyzed and translated into synthetic indicators, accessible through the mobile app.

In addition to the Superbonus, the Quakebots structural monitoring system can also be included in projects that are part of the Earthquake2009 and Earthquake2016 recovery plans. Furthermore, for buildings in earthquake-affected areas from 2009 onwards, the Superbonus remains at 110% until December 31, 2025.

For structures whose projects fall into these categories, there is already a solution that allows the system to be installed in a single day without any invasive intervention on the structure.

Include Quakebots technology in your projects

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